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Problematik.fr est le service d'accompagnement et d'aide aux étudiants, aux porteurs de projet et aux particuliers. Problematik est un service personnel et confidentiel, orienté objectif et projet.



Opportunité Péyi

https://opportunitepeyi.fr (En contruction)

Nous sommes une équipe des techniciens et de stratèges qui œuvrent pour le développement de leur territoire.



Ami Roland


Smart & Nice upcycling solutions for outdoor, household, leisure and work. More to come, thanks to God.










identité makefx


Back in 2008, I created this blog mainly to promote this wonderful 2D video editing and compositing software : Cinelerra. The aim was to propose path to path tutorials to beginners to acheive simple tasks and showing what is possible to do with this software and other opened-source video tools more generaly. See the introduction (perdon my approximative english). 

Since then, many other tools has emerged from the open source community (or was proposed to her), but Cinelerra keep being an unavoidable option. Would like to have a try and install Cinelerra on your linux machine ? Try the community version Cinelerra-CV or the author one Cinelerra-HV.

That was a rewarding experience from which I learned a lot on video editing, open-source softwares and community, international relationship/collaboration and of course practicing english language.